Saturday, August 1

How Indian Brain works..

A Chinese parent was trying to teach their son the evils of alcohol. So, the dad took 2 worms and put it in a glass and another in vodka.

The worm in Vodka died, whereas in water continued to live.

China bapak: My son, what u learnt?

China budak: Alcohol is bad for health...can kill us lo...

The Indian parent saw this and did the same thing. They took the same glass, same Vodka and put worms in both water and Vodka.

The worm in Vodka died, whereas in water continued to live.

India bapak: Ayya, what u learnt?

India budak: seems that if we drink alcohol, there won’t be any worms in stomach!

Thursday, July 30

Indian movies

Why I love Indian movies?
Simple 3 reasons
3. We manage to prove science is crapno gravity and no law of nature
2. We have T.Rajendran -Beat this! Even Americans can't do this shit!
1. Napoleon was never wrong... Nothing is impossible – All you need to become rich is just One rupee.

Thursday, May 14

The Crab Story


                For those who don’t know what is nandu kathai, let me give a brief introduction. The old version is quite general, i have revise it to suite the Malaysians. 

The story goes like this:          


           A fisherman caught three different types of crab; Malay, Indian and Chinese crab. He separates them in three different baskets. He tightly covered the Cina crab and Melayu crab’s basket but left the India crab’s basket open.

       An inquisitive buyer asked him why is it so.

Fisherman explained:

·         The first basket contains Cina crabs; they are so smart that they will somehow figure out how to escape.


·         The second basket is the Melayu crabs; they are bloody copycats, they copy Cina crabs and will escape.


·         The third basket is India crabs; Even if one of the crabs manages to reach the top, the others will pull it down.



                Nandu kathai is not a new phenomenon revolving around Indians, it have been there for quite some times. All the Indians are just being a crab intentionally and un-intentionally. You might not realize that you are actually the crab that is pulling others down.

Consider these situations:

             Kunjama- The Rich Bitch

                Kunjama is from a rich background. She passed her SPM with flying colors and plans to do medicine. Since her family is rich, she makes her choice to study in India (Indian mentality... Doctor = India).

                Just to see the quality of her result, she applies for all the medical sits in all the government universities. Kunjama just want to go around and tell others (especially her cousins) that she rejected the government universities just to fulfill her ambition to study in India.

                But this punda mave Kunjama didn’t realize that she wasted a sit that was allocated to an Indian. There are a lot of people out there who really wants to study medicine, but could not afford to go overseas.

                Thanks to Kunjama!


  Ponnama and Mariapan- Kaathal, the remake

                Ponnama and Mariapan are diving very deep in their own made ocean of love. They are true lovers (that’s what they claim)…and they are in Form Four. Ponnama was a topper for PMR whereas Mariapan is still figuring out what is algebra. Ponnama spends most of her time in school being with Mariapan. Ocean doesn’t have boundaries, so do their love; Mariapan enter the same tuition class as Ponnama and again they spend their day signaling each others in class.

                 As their love story goes on, villain enters at interval. It’s Ponnama’s parents! There goes Ponnama’s hand phone, internet connection disconnected, her parents changes her tuition. Ponnama will be crying day and night for not seeing her Romeo. Her parents will advise her and somehow, she will change her mind (Mariapan, unaku aapu).

                By the time Ponnama takes to return to her old topper mode, it will be too late. She flunks her SPM, and does not qualify to fulfill her ambition. She will try to be satisfied with what other study option she gets and continue her life.

                Thanks to Mariapan and his true mayirandi love at Form Four, Ponnama losses her chance to fulfill her dream.


        Dato Sri Sappi- MyAkka Makka Holdings

                Dato Sri Sappi is the Indian leader for a country known as Malaysia. He says that he live and breathes for Malaysia Indians. He opened MyAkka Holdings to uplift the status of Indian community in Malaysia. Dato Sri promises a high interest in return and that the money would double in few years, it would be like a missing an eclipse for those who does not invest their money.

                Estate worker Sathapan sold his cows and estate land to secure the money for the investment. Sathapan thanked the God for opening a new door to his family. He was proud that his daughter will become the first in family to step in school. Suddenly MyAkka Holdings went missing. The dreams of the estate worker shattered.

                Thanks to Dato Sri Sappi, Sathapan and his daughter are living in debt. It would merely take two more generations for them to see a person in the family to go schooling.


                None of these stories are my fantasy or imagination. These are real situations that I have come across in my life.  

                Dear Indians, it’s okay if you people don’t help other Indians, just don’t pull them down. Indians are capable of finding their way to the top. Lets end the crab story here...